About my first
novel >

I’m currently publishing the first novel of an
epical, apocalyptical, and political sci fi thriller cycle.

I write
epical and political Sci fi thrillers, which contain absolutely everything
literary. They contain sci fi and fantasy elements, action,
politics, all kinds of science, theology, history, modern times, futuristic,
metaphysics and philosophy, humor and erotics, detective elements, strategy,
ethical and political messages, Da Vinci code elements, Dune elements, and much
In other words, what I write is Sci fi, but completely filled with
interesting and intruiging idea’s, concepts and story elements.

Additionally, my stories include the finding and solving of unbreakable
mystical codes, and the existence of secret societies, like the mystical

In my books, I offer a multitude of things, for

I’ve been inspired by the likes of:

Dan Brown,
Dan Simmons, Jo Rowling, Neil Murray, Tom Clancy, Harlan Coben, Frank Herbert,
Isaac Asimov, Robert H. Heinlein, Jack Vance, Larry Niven, Philip K. Dick,
Stephen Hawking, Umberto Eco, Guy Walters, Kate Mosse, and Brian Greene….

My work is inspired by:

Da Vinci code (Dan Brown), Hyperion (Dan Simmons), the Dune
cycle (Frank Herbert), and more novels.

About me >

I remember when I was about fifteen years old, I said to my
mother: ‘mom, I think when I’m 35, I’m gonna write Sci fi novels…. ‘

I had read my first Sci fi novel several years earlier. A tiny paperback by Frederick Pohl,
and Pohl was indeed a great Sci fi writer.
Many years later, at the age of 39, when I was without internet for a very long time,
due to problems with a rehousing, I did not have very much to do, and about 23:00 pm,
I opened up wordpad, and started to type…. I had never, ever, written anything, except
– a long time ago – a load of philosophical one-liners, that didn’t make much sense.

The scenario, at the start of chapter one, unfolded like a freighter
train, racing through the mountains.

In the past….

I used to be one of the best game-programmer/desginer/artists in the world, and after
about thirty years, and many thousands of lines of code (assembly in the old
days, visual c++ later on), I turned to the life….

of a writer.