Angelina X.D. Tchaikovsky is a beautiful young woman, with a degree in 28th century

theoretical physics, and she works for SI-6, an intelligence cell for the GACS AI

government, when first contact is finally established with the Ildiran Empire.

She has never known her true parents, and she is raised in an orphanage, on the

mountainous world of Ti Shoan, but at some point in the story she receives an important

private message from them, with a mystical computer code, which could destroy the core of

the CGC cluster, the space station, which harbors this abominable AI: GACS.

Soon, she finds out this AI government is not what it looks like, and just before the

start of the first interstellar war, she joins the Federation joint insurgency.

The once lost, and now found Human Dominion, and the Ildirans work together, with the

joint insurgency to defeat the Human Federation, and its abominable AI dominator, during

the first interstellar war.

And by the end of the war, Angelina becomes their messianic leader, and together they

form a new galactic civilization, called United Interstellia, which is now ready for the

second interstellar war.


Cyportal Book One UI is a brilliant masterpiece of gripping Sci fi suspense, intrigue, and


It blends elements of works, such as Hyperion, and Dune, and other masterpieces, into a

gripping account of Sci fi heroism, adventure, and drama.

It combines human history, future, science, and philosophy, and thousands of different

elements, into a culmination, of Sci fi beauty, and elegance.

The reader may expect things like unbreakable codes, complex intelligence situations,

insurgency movements, and planet-sized super minds, inside another universe.

Intricate timing and structure will take the reader a million years into the past, then a

hundred years, into the future, and back into the astonishing reality, of the 28th


Expect a fascinating story, a multitude of beautiful places, and many intriguing

characters, and stunning new approaches to scientific, political and philosophical


Cyportal Book One UI is a captivating read, and it should be read by every Sci fi fanatic, for

years to come.