Chapter 1


Prehistory witnessing of an alien sphere, and some critical accounts of past and future history


Introduction by the super-multiversal guiding entity Shi’rah:

‘I am Shi’rah, and I am the one who will tell you this story of devastating war across the

Spiral Arm…. or the Orion arm…. the arm of your spiral Milky Way galaxy, in which your sun and

the Old Earth reside….

I find myself above time, above space, above the universe…. the multiverse even…. I find

myself above phenomena, and imaginary things, and although gender has a completely different,

and infinitely more complex meaning, in the part of creation where I reside, you could say that

I am of the female kind.

Although time has no meaning to me, this story begins more than a million years ago, with the

destruction of the Trellian race and empire by the mysterious and malevolent Ixians….

The Trellians were decimated by them, and the ones who survived fled to another universe. In

this universe they left behind an artifact to tell the story of their destruction and their

exodus from it.

The artifact had the form of a sphere, and aside from its AI consciousness, it contained

everything about the Trellians: their history, their science, and their technologies, their


The intelligent and autonomous sphere would remain in this universe, and it would pass on all

the knowledge and all the technical abilities of the Trellians to other advanced

civilizations…. civilizations which would be ready to comprehend their message and to apply

the knowledge the self-conscious sphere would give them.

I myself am a many-million-years distant descendant of the Trellian race, after they had waged

many wars, and had fled from – but survived – many universes, with many different kinds of

physics, dimensions, and origins. After many millions of years – many eons – they had even fled

from and left time and space themselves; although time and space had many different meanings and

workings in all those universes, inside all those multiverses, inside the totality of creation

and existence, beyond human comprehension.

The Trellians had been mutated…. altered by these experiences, aside from having altered and

adapted themselves genetically and in other ways. In the end, they looked more alien – from the

outside, as well as on the inside – than anything human beings could ever conceive….

To me, time and space are ancient concepts: almost forgotten and infinitely simple-minded….

meaningless even; what human beings always seem to forget is that they are just as alien as all

other species in the multiverse.




Chapter 6


A flash-attack on the CGC complex by the Human Dominion


Three space ships – the Remora, the Nucleus, and the Thunderhead – armed with extremely advanced

multi-weapon system, kept descending almost vertically in the direction of the enormous,

seemingly dormant GACS CGC complex.

The gravitational g-forces were unbearable, although the spaceships’ automated pilots were

unable to experience that consciously. The only way to get so extremely close to the Central

Government system of the Federation of Humanity was extreme invisibility, both visually, and on

many different kinds of radar, as a protection against short- and extremely long-range deep-

space reconnaissance tracking systems.

The ships had jumped out of the sub-quantum-physical reality 5 minutes earlier, and had crossed

a distance of about three-point-five AU.
They accelerated, and kept descending fast, all weapon-systems locked tightly on crucial

elements of the giant complex that was hanging silently in the coldness of space. Once exactly

at a distance of 3565 point 35 clicks from the complex, the automated wing-commander – through

secured tight-beam channels – gave the tactical command to open fire.
Extremely-hot kinetic missiles, as well as advanced fragmentation explosives, and deep-

penetration munitions – to eliminate very specific targets inside the complex – angled toward

their specific targets. After 5 seconds the explosions began. It took 3.5 seconds for every

missile to impact.
Inside the giant structure all alarms went off. Military officers, government advisors, and

security agents all ran towards their stations, ships, conference rooms, and command posts.
The attacking vessels – completely obscured by their invisibility systems – left the scene,

crossed a distance of zero-point-three-five AU in a matter of seconds, and jumped back….

Inside the AI Synaptic Core of the Complex, trillions of sub-quantum synapses fired hyper-

complex thoughts. The system didn’t understand what had happened…. why it had happened…. or

how it could ever have happened…. Super-hyper-complex theories, contingency plans, analyses,

explanations, scenarios, counter-strategies, possible policies, structured, dimensioned, and

rotated, all at the same time, through the compromised giant super-brain….

This had never happened before….




Chapter 19


Ildirans declare war on Sol-trians (from the Federation), and join Dominion


Angelina had a terrible vision, although it was not a waking vision.

As she was sleeping, and while she found herself deep inside the realm of her dreams, Angelina

had a terrible vision.

She seemed to fall and fall with an incredible velocity, and the g-forces were terrible.
After what seemed like many minutes, the falling stopped, and she found herself standing firmly

– legs apart – on the surface of some distant and mysterious exotic world.
When she finally looked up, she saw three giant squids high up, fourteen miles high, in the

outer reaches of the intense purple-colored and poisonous atmosphere of this unknown world.
As they slowly flew and floated, supported by the dense air, the sentient animals made slow

gestures with their many-mile-long tentacles, somehow trying to hurt each other with poisonous

chemical wisps, accompanied by streaks of high-energy lasers.
It was a great battlefield of combatting giants, amidst the high clouds, poisonous gases, and

streaks of plasma.
Angelina didn’t know how she could tell, but the sentient animals were communicating

telepathically whilst combatting each other with a terrible rage.
Soon she noticed that two of the animals seemed to cooperate, and they seemed to work together,

trying to kill and destroy the third one in the middle. It seemed as if the third animal was

more mechanic, and the other two were more natural and more organic.
A few moments later, she suddenly sensed the more mechanical-like squid was intent on harming

her, although she didn’t understand why, and the other two squids were trying to prevent it from

doing so.
As Angelina looked on from the surface of this exotic world, with eyes as perceptive as an

ultra-long distance telescope, she noticed the mechanical squid seemed to have some sort of

technological structure at its core, and it was this core object the other two were trying to

When she focused her sight on this internal construct, it seemed to be some artificial central

nervous system with artificial nerves and synapses extending outward and controlling the giant

The battle raged on in high-gravity slow-motion, and seemed to last for hours.
From the distance, she heard a terrible roar rising and rising, as if one of the two sides was

ready to strike the final blow, but she couldn’t discern who seemed to be on the winning hand.

And before she knew how the battle was ever going to play out…. the dream was suddenly over.