My view on Sci fi >

I believe, that Sci fi is just literature, and prose…. in an infinite setting….

When one writes science fiction, the possibilities are infinite.

The landscapes, the people, the times and places, the technologies, and everything one writes about, has an infinite scope. One is not limited to the customs, the circumstances, and limitations of the 19th century, or the Roman era, or to the everyday facts of 21st century life, let alone a time such as the middle ages. Everything imaginable can be written down, described, and in the end: created. In this sense, if written well and literary, Sci fi offers, and is infinitely more than ordinary fiction. Sci fi is not just a terrible battle in the deeps of space, or the conolization of a new world… It can be political, spiritual, ethical, philosphical, technological, and everything else, which gives more depth, and meaning, to all the times and places in human history,

and beyond.

to be continued….