My biography >

I was born in the
Hague in ’70, but lived in Voorburg (its suburb) until the age of 27.

I used to be the most
intelligent guy in elementary school – I learned to read in a few weeks, months
ahead of the other pupils -, and – thus – by the age of eleven, I went to a
renowned classical grammar school in the Hague, the best education to become a
brilliant writer being classical grammar school.
By the age of ten I started playing classical music
(the clarinet). I had a tutor from the Dutch Residency Orhcestra for 5 years,
and I played in the HJO as well, a classical symphony orchestra for high school
students. My parents intentionally raised me with with immense music,
outstanding literature, and intellectual movies, and all these things
contributed to my becoming a brilliant writer.

By the age of nine I learned Boolean algebra, and by
the age of twelve standard years, I started programming computers.

First in simple Basic, a standard
programming language in the 80’s, and soon in Basic combined with Assembly, a
much more complicated thing, in a time when there weren’t even gpu-cards and
computer graphics consisted of mere green lines, charactes, and numbers.

I read my first Sci fi novel,
by the age of eleven


Vance MacLean is a former computer scientist and game programmer who has been a professional sci-fi writer since 2010. He is highly educated, followed classical grammar school, and played classical music at a very early age. These elements have combined to create an insightful, highly motivated, and intelligent novelist, who combines literacy, popular writing, and drama into gripping, intellectual, and exciting sci-fi. His work is inspired by writers such as Dan Brown, Dan Simmons, Frank Herbert, and others, and contains a load of elements such as science and philosophy, future and history, eroticism and psychology, politics and war, and much more. His work is all-encompassing and contains almost everything literary imaginable.