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My first novel is absolutely brilliant, and it contains many, many story elements, and all kinds of interesting things for everyone!

I have an absolutely intruiging main character (protagonist), with loads of psychology, and development.

Please keep me in mind, and keep checking this website in the future, as updates will appear.

In the menu, under ‘Free version’, you can find a free version of my novel.

I write epical and political Sci fi thrillers, with massive amounts of concepts, events, and places, multiple characters, and everyhting literary you can imagine. From past, to present, to future, from science to philosophy, from military conflicts to politics, from eroticism to psychology.

Aside from engaging and exciting political SF, my work also constitutes a political manifesto. A manifesto for universal freedom, an end to war, and many more key issues, which play an important role in this day and age, and specifically in the nuclear age, the very time we live in, today:

in the 21st centrury.


Cyportal Book One UI is a novel in the style of Hyperion, Dune, and The Da Vinci Code.

It is the first novel, in a series that will probably consist of 4 different titles, and is inspired by Dan Simmons, Dan Brown, Frank Herbert, and others. It integrates actual human history (like the Roswell incident) and science fiction into a complex mix of drama, action, adventure, and story telling.

The title refers to Cyportals: future stargates, and UIs: Ultimate Intelligences.

Cyportal Book One UI tells the story of Angelina X.D. Tchaikovsky, a beautiful young woman living at the end of the 28th century who holds a degree in 28th century theoretical physics. She is works as an intel agent for the GACS AI government when first contact is established with the Ildiran Empire and its Ildirans. Soon, this new relationship with the Ildirans turns hostile, and the first Interstellar War in the history of humanity nears. In this new situation Angelina is forced to turn against her government, and she joins the joint Insurgency movement. As she finds out her real identity it becomes clear that she will become a great leader and messiah who will have to defeat the AI system that dominates humanity, and return society to human control. In the course of time, the lost Human Dominion is found, but as they can’t accept AI domination they side with the Ildirans against GACS.

When the lost Ark of the Covenant is found in a mysterious cave on the world of Rigel Octi, it is unknown what its purpose really is. But when the first Interstellar War comes to an end, Angelina unleashes incredible energies onto the space fleet of GACS using the Ark, so deciding the outcome of this colossal military and ethical conflict. And now the three dominions of the Human Federation, the Human Dominion, and the Ildiran Empire are united into the massive region of United Interstellia.